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Wardrobe Accessories

Wardrobe Accessories

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  1. Drawer Partition for Wardrobe


    Regular Price:1,200.00

    • Organize drawers as desired with flexible / modular drawer partitions.
    • Comes flat packed with divider profiles and connectors – easy do-it-yourself and fun assembly.
    • Can be easily positioned on the side or in the middle of drawer, multiple divider sets can be used in ...
  2. Hanger Peg – Mount


    Regular Price:72.00

    • This is a neat product that can be used as a temporary hanging point for clothes that have just been ironed and waiting to go into a cupboard, or for removing clothes for the day while dressing up
    • Saves space and can easily be fitted in wardrobes
    • Mounts on the side wall...
  3. Iron Rack

    Regular Price: 418.00

    Special Price 368.00

    • This product is used to store an iron on the wall.
    • Simple and elegant in appearance.
    • Cables can be wound up and wrapped around the bottom.
    • Easy to fit.
    • Made out of SS 304 (stainless steel).
  4. Peka Lina 450 (Shelf with 9 Hangers)

    Regular Price: 15,858.00

    Special Price 13,955.00

    • Use this innovative trouser rack to hang trousers without creasing them.
    • The elegant, stable Libell steel shelf can be mounted on either the right or left wall of the wardrobe.
    • Comes with 9 hangers that can be hung or taken out individually and moved easily from side...
  5. Pullout Mirror


    Regular Price:4,600.00

    • This product is an elegant and minimalist mirror that can be pulled out from a wardrobe and stowed away when not in use.
    • It is ideal for wardrobes with folding/sliding doors, 180° opening shutters, walk in wardrobes, etc.
    • It uses minimum space of the cabinet and ...
  6. Smart Light Recharge Mini (Surface Mount)

    Regular Price: 3,386.00

    Special Price 2,980.00

    • This is a modern attractive light that is rechargeable with any mini USB charger.
    • Easy to use in furniture, mounted on a small round magnet (included) and does not require any wiring.
    • Can be used in kitchens, wardrobes, and display units and even as a foot lamp.
    • ...

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