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Office Furniture Fittings


Office Furniture Fittings
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  1. Electric Box - Ceiling Mount (2 Universal Power + 2 USB Charger Sockets)
    Special Price ₹3,520.00 Regular Price ₹4,000.00
  2. Electric Box - Edge Mount (1 Universal Power + 2 USB + 1 HDMI)
    Special Price ₹4,815.00 Regular Price ₹5,472.00
  3. Electric Box - Slim
    Electric Box - Slim
    As low as ₹722.00 Regular Price ₹820.00
  4. USB Charger - Furniture Mount
    USB Charger - Furniture Mount
    As low as ₹1,255.00 Regular Price ₹1,426.00
  5. Wireless Charger
    Special Price ₹2,973.00 Regular Price ₹3,378.00
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7 Items

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Create an ergonomic comfort zone

In today’s age, most of your waking time is spent in the office. It is the place next to home that has the maximum effect on your wellbeing. Evidently, your physical comfort is of utmost importance here. Our office furniture fittings are ergonomically designed to offer you the utmost comfort at work. Buy office furniture fittings at just a click and have them delivered to you. 


Ensure better productivity 

Correct posture while working is the key to ergonomic comfort. A comfortable working position is directly proportional to a fresh mind and better work. Our Smart Lift tables with adjustable heights, Computer Wall Stations that let you stand as you work and other office furniture fittings have been designedwith special attention to ergonomics at work for today’s professionals. Buy modular office furniture fittings from the comfort of your work desk.  


Upgrade your conference rooms 

Sleek and sophisticated table additions like Electric Box - Slide Out, Undermount Cable Tray, Wireless Charger and many more are perfect solutions that ensure an impressive conference room. You can buy these modular office furniture accessories online. Straight from your office desk!