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General Hardware

General Hardware

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  1. Cabinet Bumper (1 box of 100 units)

    Regular Price: 98.00

    Special Price 86.00

    • Non-staining & non–marring.
    • Easy ‘peel off’ application.
    • Superior abrasion resistance.
    • Superb resistance to skidding and high coefficient of friction.
    • Crack resistant and resilient.
    • Vibration and shock dampening.
  2. Detergent Holder


    Regular Price:1,126.00

    • Durable and sleek design with ample storage space for storing items required for household cleaning purposes.
    • Easy mounting on shutter (with 2 screws).
    • Made out of SS 304 (stainless steel) and electro polished.
    • Available in two sizes.
  3. Folding Utility Table


    Regular Price:1,798.00

    • This product enables you to have a fold away dining table
    • Can also be used a fold away work table in a room where space is limited
    • Does NOT include the table top – only includes the fittings
    • Special release knob helps to fold the table
    • ...
  4. Foot-Operated Door Opener Pedal


    Regular Price:196.00

    • Specially designed pedal to enable hands-free door opening and closing to stop the spread of germs / bacteria / viruses.
    • This product can only be used with latch-less doors (doors without knobs that need to be turned to unlock the door). If the door has a latch, this defeats the...
  5. Furn Felt (1 box of 100 units)


    Regular Price:240.00

    • Manufactured out of compressed felt.
    • Protects floors from scratches.
    • Acts as an easy glide.
    • Reduces noise.
    • Can be used with chairs, sofas, tables, etc.
    • Price below is for 1 box of 100 numbers.
  6. Magnetic Catch Ultra Slim (1 box of 10 units)


    Regular Price:250.00

    • Minimalist and sleek design.
    • Great for small spaces and gaps.
    • Magnet stays hidden.
    • Easy to fit.
    • Variants which have codes ending in ‘L’ come with an additional L bracket.
    • Price below is for 1 box of 10 magnetic c...
  7. Multi Utility Folding Bracket

    Regular Price: 960.00

    Special Price 845.00

    • Ideal for mounting appliances such as microwave ovens in a kitchen.
    • Can also be used for DVD players etc.
    • Built for strength and durability
    • Maximum Load Capacity: 120 kilograms
  8. No Touch Safe Key Antimicrobial


    Regular Price:600.00

    • An innovative product designed to prevent you from touching surfaces that may have bacteria and/or viruses on them.
    • Antimicrobial high grade plastic material ensures minimal contamination; however, we advise that this safe key is cleaned / sanitized each day multiple times.
    • ...
  9. Safety Corner Bumper R & S (1 box of 10 units)


    Regular Price:280.00

    • Prevents sharp corners from injuring adults and children.
    • Easy to peel off & apply.
    • Gentle and easy to remove when not in use.
    • Available in two models - spherical and rectangular
    • Price below is for 1 box of 10 units.
  10. Safety Door Spacer (1 box of 5 units)

    Regular Price: 200.00

    Special Price 176.00

    • Prevents fingers of children from getting trapped or getting locked inside the room.
    • Easy to insert on door edge at any height, which stays out of reach from children
    • For door thickness from 25-55mm
    • Price below is for 1 box of 5 units
  11. Smart Step Ladder - 1 Step and 2 Step


    Regular Price:3,790.00

    • Well designed, smart, durable and high quality ladders for daily use at home, or at an office.
    • Excellent design ensures high strength and light in weight
    • Made of aluminium extrusions.
    • Non slip nylon feet ensure grip on the floor and protects the floor surface ...
  12. Table Bracket


    Regular Price:618.00

    • Ideal fitting for a fold away table or shelf.
    • Special release latch helps fold the table.
    • Built for strength and durability.
    • Load Capacity of 100 kgs for 300 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm
      & 150 kgs for 600 mm.
    • Available in Anthracite only.
    • ...
  13. Table Bracket Recessed


    Regular Price:720.00

    • Ideal fitting for a fold away table or shelf.
    • Special release latch helps fold the table.
    • Can be recessed into the table top.
    • Built for strength and durability.
    • Load capacity: 100 kilograms.
    • Finishes Available: Anthracite
    • Minimum ...
  14. Table Lift 200 with Damper

    Regular Price: 2,020.00

    Special Price 1,778.00

    • This fitting enables a coffee table to lift upwards to a convenient height while allowing storage inside the table
    • This product consists of the fitting / mechanism. It does not consist of a complete coffee table.
    • Unique built in damping system allows the table t...
  15. Table Tops for Table Brackets 18mm


    Regular Price:790.00

    • These ready-to-mount tops are designed for use with our range of Table Brackets which can be purchased separately
  16. Zipco Bird Spike (1 box of 10 Bird Spikes)

    Regular Price: 730.00

    Special Price 642.00

    • Humane method to stop birds, pests or vermin from landing and roosting on ledges, roofs of buildings.
    • Harmless: Does not harm birds as they do not land and fly away.
    • Smaller spike prevents rats and other vermin. Ideal for compound w...

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The nuts and bolts do it all

Every elegant piece of furniture owes its smooth functioning to the effective hardware used with it. These behind-the-scenes parts are the ones that take furniture to a different level. Because, even the best looking furniture would lose its sophistication if its functionality is affected by creaking noises and jerky opening and closing. You can buy our hardware products online. 


For the safety of your loved ones

Safety brackets and fittings that are strong and sturdy keep your expensive gadgets safe. Also, small but important parts like Safety Corner Bumper and Safety Door Spacer contribute to the safety of your loved ones by avoiding unnecessary injuries at home. Buy hardware fittings from your home. Order them online, today. Because after all, their safety is our priority.