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Flat Screen Holder Single Arm


  • This product is mounted on a table top (grommet mounting) with a single arm.
  • This product is very easy to fit.
  • With this, the height of your Flat Screen can be adjusted 100mm upwards or downwards.
  • Compatible for Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) sizes of 75mm width x 75mm height and 100mm width x 100mm height with an extra plate.
  • Die cast for good aesthetics.
  • It can be rotated left and right, as well as tilted up and down with a single knob.
  • Available in Black and Silver.

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    White Texture / Anthracite

    • Drill Ø 12.5mm hole through out on Table Top on the desired position.
    • Fix the vertical pole as shown in fig. 1.
    • Clip the height adjustment clip on to the one of the holes on the vertical pole and slide the diagonal arm on to the pole from top till the bottom face of the arm rests on the height adjustment clip as shown in Fig. 2.
    • Assemble the other parts as shown in Fig. 3.
    • For VESA 100mm model, screw the 100mm plate to the hanging bracket with M4 screws as shown in Fig. 4.
    • Screw the flat screen to the hanging bracket with M4 screws provided as shown in Fig. 5.
    • Insert the monitor cables in to the arm clip and wire holder, then clip them to the diagonal arm and vertical pole respectively, as shown in Fig. 6.
    • Please follow the fitting instructions carefully. Not following these instructions can lead to damage of your Flat Screen as well as the product.
    • To clean when required, wipe with a dry cloth.
    • Do not clean, paint, engrave or use any chemicals on the product.
    • Our Products comes with a 12 month warranty against any manufacturing defects.
    • The warranty does not cover damages due to incorrect and inaccurate installation of the product.
    • For any guidance or help required with installation, please email us at help@ebco.in with your order number and a scanned copy of the invoice.
    • The warranty does not cover any usage of the product beyond its intended use and wear and tear in the natural course of product usage.
    • The warranty is only valid against an original invoice received at the time of purchase.
    • All sales are final, except in the case of any manufacturing defects. For any manufacturing defects, we offer easy replacements.
    • In the case of transit damage, it rests solely at the discretion of Ebco to process any replacements on a case-by-case basis.
    • In case, you receive a defective or damaged product , please contact us within 7 days of receipt. Email us a few photographs with the order number and a scanned copy of the invoice to help@ebco.in.
    • We will assess the damage and revert within 24 hours. We will either arrange to collect the product and send you a replacement free of charge or just send you a replacement part.