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Waste Bins

Waste Bins

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  1. Laundry Bin Front Tilt 50

    Regular Price: 6,510.00

    Special Price 5,729.00

    • Made of high quality plastic, this 50 liters bin is an ideal product for laundry clothes.
    • The front tilt application makes it more convenient and practical for quick access and handling.
    • The bin is removable and has in-built handles.
    • Comes with 1 pair of C...
  2. Micro Bin

    Regular Price: 1,580.00

    Special Price 1,390.00

    • This compact bin with 5 liters capacity is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, walk-in wardrobe units.
    • Can be mounted on cabinet door or on the wall for quick and convenient access.
  3. Pullout Double Waste Bin


    Regular Price:6,594.00

    28 Liters
    • This smart waste bin is designed for the ultra-modern kitchen.
    • Compact design.
    • Capacity: 28 liters (2 bins x 14 liters each).
    • Buckets can be removed for convenience.
    • This bin mounts on the floor of the cabinet and can be pulled...
  4. Swing out Waste Bin Rectangular


    Regular Price:1,360.00

    • Single: The bin has a capacity of 15 liters and fits inside a cabinet.
    • Double: The double-bin has a capacity of 7+7 liters and fits inside a cabinet.
    • Has a lid which opens and closes.
    • Has a removal bucket for cleaning and ...
  5. Swing Out Waste Bins


    Regular Price:1,282.00

    • This bin has an automatic opening system for lid.
    • It has a removable bucket for convenience.
    • Non-toxic premium plastic used for long life.
    • Available in Grey, White & Stainless Steel Finish (Special stainless steel finish on outside).
  6. Utility Bin - Clip on 5

    Regular Price: 972.00

    Special Price 855.00

    • Can be used to carry waste to the large bin or as container for organic waste.
    • Aesthetically designed to suit kitchen interiors.
    • Hassel free and easy access without spoiling floors or worktops.
    • Compact & flexible as the container can be attached / clipped ...

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Sustainable Waste Disposal at your service

If only we had magic wands to clean the house without lifting a finger. Since that is highly impossible, let’s talk about the right efforts for effective waste disposal system for home. Order online from our range of Waste Bins from Livsmart. 


Every room needs a different waste collector and disposer

The waste generated in every room is different, so, obviously the waste bins need to be designed accordingly.  From dry waste to wet garbage we have a range of bins that you can select from and have them delivered to you. Order online to buy Waste Bins.


Kitchen waste bins

With the emphasis on sustainable waste management and segregation of waste into dry and wet garbage, two different bins has become the norm in most households. Our Pullout Double Waste Bins make waste segregation easier. We also have Swing Out  Waste Bins that open and close automatically with the movement of the cabinet door, so that you do not have to touch them with your hands. It also has a removable bucket for your convenience. Select from a wonderful range of modular kitchen dustbins, that too from the comfort of your home. Buy Waste Bins online. Order today!


Waste bins for other rooms

Good habits like keeping your room clean can be inculcated in all members at home, especially children, by having an appropriate waste bin in every room. Our Laundry Bin is a great way of keeping soiled clothes together before washing.  


Take your pick from our range of exclusive Waste Bins and buy them online, today!