Remember the time when you desperately hunted for something in your kitchen and couldn’t find it? Or the time when mum wanted to use the vintage French porcelain tea set for her party and couldn’t reach it because it was on a shelf that was too high for her to reach?

Never again! Kitchens don’t have to be clunky crammed spaces anymore. They have transformed into spaces that are efficient, convenient and stylish. Innovative conceptualization and design allows you to save time and organize items more logically. Check out these simple ways to optimize your kitchen space:



One of the most frustrating tasks in a kitchen is to try to find that dessert spoon or that butter knife when you absolutely need it. Say goodbye to dumping all your forks, spoons and knives in a single messy drawer and use a Cutlery Tray instead! With compact divisions and convenient accessibility, these trays protect your cutlery from scratches and damage that may result from one item being tucked under other sharp item in a drawer.

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While cooking your favourite cuisine, have you ever reached out for a ladle only to realize that it is in a drawer that is far away from your reach? Don’t make the mistake of not using a valuable wall space! Use our range of Kitchen Wall Hanging Accessories to keep what’s important very close to you and as accessible as possible.

From storing kitchen towels, cling film and aluminium foil to special rack for hanging ladles and glasses, storing plates, cups and dish lids, our fittings can keep everything within your easy reach!

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Corners are the most under-utilised spaces in a kitchen. They are usually filled with items that are rarely used. Corners are also the most difficult spaces to reach and therefore clean. Solve this problem by using our Kitchen Corner Solutions. Products such as our Magic Corners and Double Corner Pullouts dynamically extend and slide out and back in, thereby eliminating the need to reach inside the cabinet towards the corner. This also allows items to be easily removed and cleaned from under. Soft close and soft open options protect your vessels from damage by restricting jerks and therefore unnecessary movement of fragile items.

Now when cooking, no place in your kitchen is harder to access than any other. Check out our Kitchen Corner Solutions here:



From masalas and vegetables, to oils, meats and various condiments, the number of ingredients, utilities and supplies required in a well-equipped kitchen can be overwhelming! Large empty drawers while deceptively inviting, can turn into a nightmare unless they are appropriately divided and containerized. Use our Kitchen Drawer Management System that keeps everything in the kitchen within your easy access! With spice holders, knifeholders, cutting boards, roll holders, bottle racks, plate holders and cutlery trays, you can efficiently segregate all that you need.
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Storing large quantities of food is a task as you have to keep the size of various shelves and the height of storage items in mind. Also it becomes difficult to pick the items which are stored at the extreme corners of the shelf. Get a relief from all these troubles by choosing a Pleno larder by Peka Switzerland. Organising your kitchen into effective spaces, Pleno helps you to access a large number of items without having to dig behind others and/or move other items out of the way to find what you are looking for. Instead of straining your back to peer into a deep cabinet, the mechanism extends outward completely and brings your items towards you, instead of the other way around.
Right from allowing you to adjust the height of the individual shelves according to the items that you want to store to preventing items from jerking/falling out of place by its free-flowing opening movement that comes to a cushioning stop on its own, Pleno is a must-have in every home. Know more about Pleno at